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Greenland halibut J/C frz 2 - 3 kg A (500 kg)

Greenland halibut J/C frz 2 - 3 kg A (500 kg)


SPECIES: Hippoglossus hippoglossus – Atlantic halibut

FAMILY: Pleuronectidae – Flounder family

PRODUCTS: Fresh (steaks, fillets and whole fish), Frozen (steaks, fillets and whole fish)

SIZE: Wild fish: Wild halibut (females) can be over 3.5 m and weigh close to 300 kg. The males can be up to 50 kg.

RANGE: Wild fish: Young halibut live near the coast in relatively shallow water; large halibut are found both in fjords and at sea.

SEASON: Fishing for halibut is prohibited between 20 December and 31 March, except for hook-and-line gear north of 62ºN.

FEEDS ON: Halibut is a predatory fish which eats bottom-dwelling fish and pelagic fish.

NUTRITIONAL CONTENT Nutritional content in 100 g raw Atlantic halibut (edible portion): Energy: 515 kJ / 123 kcal Nutrients: Protein: 17 g Fat: 6.1 g Saturated fatty acids: 1 g Trans unsaturated fatty acids: 0 g Cis-mono unsaturated fatty acids: 3.1 g Cis-poly unsaturated fatty acids: 1.2 g Omega-3: 1 g Cholesterol: 50 mg Vitamins: Vitamin A: 17 RAE Vitamin D: 9.7 μg Riboflavin: 0.05 mg Folate: 7 μg Vitamin BŸ¡: 0.7 μg Minerals: Iron: 0.2 mg Selenium: 60 μg Iodine: 10 μg.


Minimum order 500 kgs (1 Pallet) - Prices indicated are per 10 kg x 50 carton