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The drying process removes much of the water content in the fish, so stockfish must be rehydrated before cooking. Follow these simple instructions for delicious stockfish every time.

Step one: Soaking

1. Place the stockfish in clean, cold water (2-4°C). Change the water at least once a day.

Step two: Create Portions

2. After soaking for 2-3 days you should be able to cut the fish into portions, although this will depend on the thickness and texture of the fish. The skin can also be removed during the soaking process.

Step three : Patience

3. If the stockfish has passed through rollers, soak for 2-4 days. Whole fish will need to be soaked for 7 days.

Step four: Ready to cook

4. Stockfish has a soft consistency when it is ready to cook. It will also be more than double its original weight!

In some markets it is possible to buy ready to use stockfish products, which have been pre-soaked and can be cooked with right away.