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Dryfish of Norway® - The cornerstone of Viking culture!

We are a socially responsible company dedicated to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the world famous Norwegian Stockfish.

Our main business involves production and export of premium Stockfish produced naturally using sustainable wild fish from the Barents and Norwegian sea, all our products are MSC certified and traceable. The fish are caught using long line and hand line methods which has minimum impact on the environment.

Stockfish is easy to preserve and transport and is still produced using the same methods as the Vikings did a 1000 years ago. Stockfish from Lofoten has even been awarded Protected Geographical Classification in the EU, putting it in good company with other national delicacies, such as Prosciutto di Parma and Champagne.
Our business philosophy is to work along with nature by conserving natures resources for future generations. We are committed to supporting traditional fishing methods and cultures, this distinguishes us from our competitors as all our products are produced from only sustainable natural resources.

Dryfish of Norway believes in preserving traditions, culture, history and livelihoods of our fishermen. Our other products are clipfish (Bacalao), salted fish of Atlantic cod, pollock and haddock all produced in Norway with high quality fish using traditional methods.

Our production facilities are mainly spread across the Northern parts of Norway (Lofoten Islands) where we closely work with the fishermen to produce world class stockfish.

We have an excellent supply chain and production infrastructure to ensure our customers demand for supply of top quality products every season. Our main administrative offices are located in Oslo, Norway and Seattle, USA with storage and distribution networks in EMEA, CIS and Asia.

We are registered with the Norwegian fisheries directorate and are approved exporters by the Norwegian Seafood Council. Dryfish of Norway® is a registered trademark in Norway, EU, USA, UK and Asia. Our brand represents authentic premium stockfish from Norway made by nature. We maintain consistent quality, our products undergo stringent controls through all phases of production, storage and distribution.

We do not promote or market farmed seafood products produced on an industrial scale, we only export wild and sustainable seafood and stand firmly committed to protect the environment and well being of our customers.

A detailed brochure on Stockfish production, grading and sorting.