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Seafrozen - Wholesale Export (EU + UK ONLY)

Norwegian Standard for sea-frozen fillets of white fish

Sea-frozen fillets are a high-quality product that is filleted and frozen to -20 °C within hours of bringing the live, wriggling fish on board the fishing vessel. This produces fillets of unique freshness and quality.

The catch process, production and freezing affect both the quality and the product characteristics of the fish. To guarantee good quality, it is important for there to be quality controls along the entire value chain. Through a joint initiative, the pro­ducers of Norwegian sea-frozen fillets have developed a Norwegian Standard, NS 9444 Fish and fish products - Norwe­gian fillet of white fish -frozen at sea - Quality requirements. This applies from the catching of the fish to the final unload­ing of the fillet.

The purpose of this standard is to con­tribute to the reliable high quality of Norwegian sea-frozen fillets of white fish, support marketing communication and simplify contract drafting and order preparation. The standard defines product characteristics for Norwegian sea-frozen fillets of white fish and will contribute to consistent documentation of its quality. The quality of the fillet is ensured through six control points in the production process.

The vessels that produce Norwegian sea-frozen fillets shall be registered and approved by a national authority and have an approved own control system. The standard's requirements supplement applicable Norwegian acts and regulations concerning the onboard production of fish products on vessels.